Nautical Anchor Button Tutorial


On a recent trip to Hobby Craft I came across Fimo which is a polymer clay. I have never used this product before but after studying ceramics at art college I thought I’d give it ago. For this tutorial I have decided to make some nautical anchor buttons for my navy cardigan.

I’ve always had a love for buttons and have them stored in tins and jars around the home.

For this tutorial you will need: Fimo, sculpting tools, a round cutter or stencil, a plastic rolling pin, a needle, a craft knife,ย  a board to lean on and a plastic sheet to roll you Fimo out onto.

I chose white Fimo for my buttons as they will stand out on my navy cardigan, you can used what ever colour you like.

Because Fimo is new to me I don’t have all the correct tools for the craft… I ended up using a deodorant can as my rolling pin!

I used a round stencil for the outline of my buttons. You can use a round cutter or make your own stencil by using a piece of card and a protractor.

You will then need to cut out your buttons with a craft knife if you don’t have a round cutter.

You’ll need to repeat this for however many buttons you need.

To make the anchor shape, I used a large needle to make the holes. I then placed them onto a tin foiled lined baking tray and placed them in the oven for 30 minutes on 130 C.

This button is fresh out of the oven!

I used navy thread to sew my buttons on.

This is my finished cardigan, I’m really pleased with the finished result. I will definitely be making more Fimo buttons in the future.

Here is a close up ofย  my finished nautical anchor button. I hope you have fun making yours!



56 thoughts on “Nautical Anchor Button Tutorial

  1. Oh that’s awesome. I planned a Hobbycraft visit tomorrow, weeks ago. Now I know what I can buy!
    Love Sailor

    P.S My Mum and I are also button-aholics. We too have jars of buttons sitting about the place. Mum’s favourites are mother or pearl ones. I don’t know what it is about them, I love buttons. I have a friend who is button phobic. I find this very odd!!

  2. Oh wow, thank you very much ๐Ÿ™‚ glad you like my blog! I’m on holiday in France at the moment, I’m off to the coast on Wednesday looking for inspiration ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I’d never have thought of using Fimo for buttons. I remember some school hols donkey’s years ago when our family room floor was covered in Fimo and half a dozen neighbourhood kids all making necklaces for Xmas. Fun!

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  9. I think home made buttons put the finishing touch on an item I’ve sewn or crocheted myself. Thanks for this cute idea!

  10. Hello,

    Very impressive. I have tried plaster of Paris and ceramic before. But I have never tried to bake it and may this is the reason my creations don’t last long. Please tell me in oven which mode shall I use – microwave or convection. Is there any instruction for temperature?


    • Hi sorry for the late reply, Yes they are machine washable, I would recommend that you glaze them. I didnt glaze mine and with them being white they got grubby easily.

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