Personalised Childrens Boats

Personalised Childrens Boats

These little personalised childrens boats are available for sale at our Etsy store. We can personalise your boat with a name or word up to 10 characters long and have a selection of fabrics to choose from.




Christmas Coastal Countdown


Christmas is getting closer and closer… 4 more sleeps!!!

La Grange – Where we make our French little boats

While we were in France we had a day in the workshop, we made some new boats and also designed a new larger model that I’ll be finishing later in the year. For now here is how we make our French little boats.

Marking out the boats

Cutting out the boats on the bandsaw

Using a bobbin sander to give a nice smooth finish

When the weather is nice we take the work outside!

Positioning the mast

Drilling the hole ready for the mast

A square peg in a round hole, this little tool takes the square edges off the mast when hammering it through the hole

Planing of the edges

Gluing the mast in place

Two finished oak boats waiting their sails

After a busy day in the workshop we all enjoy a well earned glass of grape juice (ahem)