Off on Holiday!


Our Etsy shop will be closed for two weeks, we will be back open on the 8th July.

Au revoir!


La Grange – Where we make our French little boats

While we were in France we had a day in the workshop, we made some new boats and also designed a new larger model that I’ll be finishing later in the year. For now here is how we make our French little boats.

Marking out the boats

Cutting out the boats on the bandsaw

Using a bobbin sander to give a nice smooth finish

When the weather is nice we take the work outside!

Positioning the mast

Drilling the hole ready for the mast

A square peg in a round hole, this little tool takes the square edges off the mast when hammering it through the hole

Planing of the edges

Gluing the mast in place

Two finished oak boats waiting their sails

After a busy day in the workshop we all enjoy a well earned glass of grape juice (ahem)

French Celebrations

I’ve just got back from my Summer break in France where we returned to La Rochelle for our 4 year wedding anniversary. My Husband and I had a great day out taking in the sights and sounds of this busy port town.

The centre was busier than ever, on top of the tourist season there was a film festival too. Our French isn’t that good so we’ll wait for the DVD!

Lunch was really good, we had a sea food platter which included all sorts of freshly caught treats.

I could’ve stayed there all afternoon!

We ended the day with a bottle of champagne in the garden to watch the sun set.

While we were in France it was my Father in-laws 65th birthday party and pretty much the whole village came to the party.

There was plenty to drink!

And everyone enjoyed themselves.

Our Dutch guests entertained us with some traditional Dutch Folk music, and rewrote a Beatles song for comic effect.

The Birthday boy!

We drank a bottle of 20 year old wine in memory of a family friend Mike Vickers who sadly past away at the end of last year.

We visited the Abbaye Royale at Celles sur Belles, we took the tour, it’s a lovely collection of buildings with a mountain of history.

The grand entrance.

Even this old guy is in keeping with my Nautical interests, I had to snap him!

In the grounds of the Abbey is a herb and insect garden full of nice details, including a very active beehive.

Naturally, the end of the holiday involved drinking a lot of wine, actually most evenings did!

Let Your Dreams Set Sail

These little wooden boats came about after sitting in a cafe on holiday over looking the Harbour at La Rochelle in France.

The Harbour was filled with little yachts.

La Rochelle is very picturesque and I thought making the little boats would be a great way of capturing that in a decoration.

I wonder how many people have this photo in their holiday snaps? I couldn’t resist!

My Father inlaw has a workshop at his home in France and he makes the boats out of reclaimed wood, some of the wood is burned during the winter months but this is a much better use for it!

Ray enjoys to work outside in the sun!

The first batch of boats, shipped to England (pun intended) awaiting their sails.

I decided to give them all French names and add hand painted details to the sails.

This boat has a hessian sail with fish detail and hand stamped ‘La Sardine’ name.

I used fabric paint on the squid detail and then hand stitched him on to the sail.

The names are stamped on with a letter stamp kit, making mistakes is easy! I then paint over the wording, let it dry and gently sand of the excess.

Please visit my Folksy shop where you will find my little French boats for sale wood & rope