Painted Nautical Pumpkin

DIY Painted Pumpkins, create artistic pumpkins easily.

Now that Halloween is over, instead of throwing away your pumpkin transform it into a decoration. I painted a little sailboat onto my pumpkin to keep in with my nautical theme at home.

Don’t just stop at paint, get the glitter out! If you’re feeling creative take a look at this post by Green Wedding Shoes for more inspiration.

Have fun!


Nautical Anchor Pumpkin

With Halloween fast approaching I got busy carving my pumpkin. Naturally it was going be nautical style!

I decided to use an anchor shape. To make yours simply paint an anchor and then carefully cut around the painted outline with your knife (I used a craft knife). I wanted to carve away just the top layer  of the skin, but if you want to cut out the shape of an anchor you will need to remove the inside of the pumpkin first.

You will need to buy a fairly big/tall pumpkin for this design. I hope you have fun making yours.

Happy Halloween!